Thursday, December 6, 2012

Samuel Adams Winter Lager

So here I go again on another beerventure, with Sam Adams Winter Lager, though this beer is a wonderful brew I do not find it to be much more different than their regular Boston Lager; not to say that I dont like this beer, because I do but something really does feel like it's missing in this though I cant put my finger on it. Now having said that this beer retains that great hoppienes from the Boston Lager but I have noticed that it does not hold a good head like it's big brother BL though I was not as moved  by this brew as I have been the last few, it is only because it has to much of a familier taste and I like variety. But hey dont let me stop you from trying this one as Im sure you will enjoy it.

Personal Rating Scale.

Overall Satisfaction-7

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