Saturday, July 13, 2013

Oregon brewed "Rouge Farms OREgasmic Ale"

Rouge Farms OREgasmic Ale. Starting off I would just like to applaud Rouge for boldly going the distance, with OREgasmic Ale brewed with five Rouge Farms Hop varieties and Dare and Risk malt one thing can be said about this beer, Over all mouth-feel "smooth" with so much hoppy flavor added it is unimaginable to believe that the have created this smooth of a beer. One thing that I can most definitely say is it must be drank at room temp as to absorb as much of the flavor from the beer as possible, and like most Ales I prefer them to be room temp. As I am sure do most craft beer fans. From the bottle, poured a deep rusty orange with slightly golden hues to it. There was good, strong, rocky head with pretty good lacing to it. The nose was very malt forward, lots of strong caramel and very subtle hops. The hops were spicy and floral, and very muted overall. The taste was again quite full on the caramel and sweet.

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