Friday, March 14, 2014

Long Strange Tripel / Boulevard Brewing Co. Kansas City Mo.

Long Strange Tripel Belgian - Style Ale from Boulevard Brewing Co. In Kansas City. Mo

Though on my list of favorite Ales of all time this does make the top 20 but definitely falls short of my top 10 all time favs. Though this Ale is robust in flavor I find that it does lack a hoppy-ness to it which I look forward in a good brew. Not to say that it taste bad in anyway as a matter of fact it is quit palatable and leaves a nice fruity after taste dancing around on your tongue, it almost has a raisin taste and is quiet floral and citrous like; also the fragrance of it is quiet soothing however this beer tends to lose head very quickly and I'm the type who likes to go into my drink nose first because it gives me a preview of whats coming next.

The Alc/Vol on this particular beer is a 9.2% and comes in this beautifully designed pint bottle for those who don't know pints that is 9.4 fluid ounces.  

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