Saturday, October 27, 2012

Blue Moon Spiced Amber Ale

Ah, blue moon we meet again..this time with their Spiced Amber Ale. Testing first the aroma of this beer I instantly fell in love knowing what was coming next I tilted my glass and swished the brew around on my tounge taking in all the flavors of the moment at first I tasted a hint of what I belived to be a raisen flavor intermingled with caramel and cinnamon letting it bounce around in my mouth for a little bit more enjoying the moment it was if little angles with golden shoes were dancing on my tounge. The color of this wonderfully crafted beer was a deep amber red that played in the light. with a lightly yellow head. Thank you Blue Moon you never cease to amaze me. On my personal rating scale of a 1 to 10 this one is a sure fire 10! +

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