Sunday, October 21, 2012

Chris-Shock Top Raspberry Wheat Belgian Style Wheat Ale.
STR. was light, crisp, and refreshing it is a nice summer time Ale to just sit around and cool off. it is a Golden color with a citrus Raspberry taste. Not to strong but not to light, what Goldie Locks would call Just Right. Alc. Content 5.2% 12 FL. OZ.

Jesse-Dragon's Milk Ale / Aged in Oak Barrels
DM is a high gravity beer from New Holland Brewing Company. I have to say my initial thought from tasting the beer was that though it was a dark dark beer, I honestly have to say I enjoyed the full body taste of the beer, swishing it around on my tounge I got to experience all the unique flavors and characteristics of the beer. on the tip of my tounge it was a bit more sweet, with vanilla essence and bitter on the sides of my tounge, but as it hit the back of my tounge it was like a bitter dark chocolate, that finished off nicely and would be great for being outside in the summer time as a nice cool drink but I prefer to drink it slightly warm, because the warmth of the beer really sets off, the Oak Barrel taste that the beer was stored in.
Alc. 10.0% by Vol.

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