Sunday, October 21, 2012

Jesse's Beerthusiast Review on "O'Fallons Smoke Beer", all I can say was wow, I cannot believe how much I actually enjoyed this beer. O'Fallons I give you 5 stars. I have done my research and mostly I have come across that either you love smoked beer or you hate smoked beer, me personally I am leaning more toward the Love side of it as soon as this beer touched my tounge I was in total heaven, the dark rich taste of this beer was unlike anything that I have ever had but at the same time was not over powering in the least bit. This is the kind of beer that after a long day of hard work, that you just want to crack it open and drink. I highly recommend this beer to anyone plus it won 2004's Gold Medal Winner as the best smoked beer in America, and now I know why. if you have never had a smoked beer before, I suggest starting with this one. Trust me you wont be disappointed

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